Mind Fashion

Don't get angry, get magenta.

Show off your aura, quite literally. THEUNSEEN, has developed a couture garment that changes color in response to real time digital data. The invisible energy emitted by your personal electromagnetic field is translated through an app.

THEUNSEEN is an exploration house that blends biological and chemical matter into materials; focused on seeing the unseen by combining science with art, design and performance. Designer Lauren Bowker, founder of THEUNSEEN first made her mark with carbon emission sensing inks shortly after graduating from the Manchester School of Art.


Designers create a mood ring for your torso

Chuck Bednar for redOrbit.com – @BednarChuck Clothing design studio The Unseen has developed a new sculptural jacket that is capable of detecting and reacting to your brain activity, then changing its color based on how you're feeling at any given time, not unlike a high-tech outerwear version of one of those old mood rings. [STORY: Mood…



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