Jackson Wells

The pop music sensibilities of Wells’ sugary hooks are sure to draw the sweetest of teeny bopper flies. The aptly named EP Scattered, however, reveals Wells as a youthful and eager performer, but with a scattered artistic musical vision.

This lad is surely talented and his future may hinge on whether he can draw a bit more substance from the lyrical imagery. Can he channel Jackson Browne, who initially captivated us with clever hooks and boyish looks… but then held us mesmerized with layers of interest and profundity that came out of thin air.

Drifting through fleeting successful moments of power-pop penmanship only to make even the most obvious of rhymes seem forced on Give Me A Call, Wells can’t help but leave listeners to try 'to make sense of it all.' Despite the promise hinted at on songs like Falling Back, the end result sees Scattered falling resoundingly short. 

While Jackson Wells may have something to say to his generation, the message won’t likely translate for the older listener. Still, the potential is inarguably there. The question is whether or not Wells can skate by on his good looks long enough to fully come into his own. In today’s market, we’d say the odds are in his favor.



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