Lori Willcuts

Cut from the same musical cloth as Loretta Lynn and Lucinda Williams, Lori Willcuts sings like a country angel whose songs would feel at home in honky-tonk on a Saturday night or on the front porch on a Sunday afternoon. Influenced heavily by traditional country, folk and bluegrass music, Willcuts has one foot in the past, the other planted solidly in the modern age with her top-notch professional sound.

The modern production value on her recordings, such as Black Eyed Susans, lends an easy accessibility to her old-school Americana vibe. New Nashville steers clear of fiddles, banjos and pedal steel guitar, and that's a shame, but Willcuts unabashedly embraces the traditional sound in her emotional storytelling songs about life and love. Songs such as Annie Lee, Black Eyed Susans, and You Stole My Heart show a versatility and command of the country/folk genre that is becoming harder to find in today's musical climate of crossover country acts.

This Oregon-based singer, songwriter and guitarist is worth a listen for anyone seeking more authenticity in their roots-based music. There a sweet, slight rasp to her honey dew voice and enough heart in her songs to satisfy even the hardest to please fans of Americana.


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