Running Late

Running Late is a poppy, upbeat Jersey band with roots in 90s alterno, but branches that reach towards funk, new wave, and postrock. At first, it sounded to me like something that would have been at home on pop radio somewhere in the mid-90s.

They have clean, appealing vocals and production which is rich without being overbearing. What stands out, however, are the truly funky bass grooves and the saxophone tastefully punctuating their songs.

Running Late is at their best on uptempo numbers, where their funk and jazz influences shine while still melding with their overall 90s vibe. Their songs “Get in Line” and “Hypnotized” are both standouts. The former has a touch of No Doubt and the latter has a hint of Lenny Kravitz. “Hypnotized,” especially, stands out for how well it manages to combine a load of disparate elements across several decades into a song that still has its own identity.

They don't fare quite as well on slower numbers, such as “Blair,” where their unusual band makeup takes a backseat to what are, overall, pretty standard alterno ballads. If they can continue to embrace their eclecticism without falling into cliché, I predict good things in their future.


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