New Vega

New Vega in `Round Magazine

If you're looking for refreshing, new indie music, check out Ohio-based band New Vega.  I recently had the pleasure of listening to a few songs off their album, Tempo.  From the deep, rich textures of Thrown Like Dice to the uplifting promise of Forming Circles, I can't say New Vega reminds me of any other band, and that's a good thing.

Their music strays from the trends which have plagued recent bands, and with their self-proclaimed progressive sound, New Vega provides a fresh take on indie music. The guitar tones and synth beds serve the songs well, giving color to the quieter, reflective vocals. On the acoustic-driven track, Stop Signs and Silhouettes, New Vega shows a dynamic simplicity which sounds suitable for a relaxing evening. The song drew me in with its initial, bare bones approach, and deepened into a full band track without getting boring or repetitive.

For a newer band with a interesting sound, New Vega is certainly on the right track.


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