The Upset Victory

The Upset Victory

The Upset Victory's genres are as layered as their sounds. At first listen, crunching metal, thundering punk and sweetened pop emerge. Combining these elements makes for ferocious ups and downs. The Cincinnati five-piece band explodes in an outcry that hails to operatic rock.

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Much of The Upset Victory's work, like The Worst in Me from their self-titled 2007 album, starts at low grumbles from one grainy voice (Jason Dill). Deep tears caught in the back of his throat, he wails up high, showing off a wide range of vocals. Soon met with heavy guitars, vibrating bass and percussion, the layering churns each piece from steady drip-drop rhythms to a battle cry until it all blows up. Then their dynamic softens--and the pattern continues.

As a strongly united band, The Upset Victory's music is both epic and hypnotic. Though they number five altogether (with Frank Hammonds, Stephen Campbell, Aaron Roy and Eric Vice), with their diverse styles and ranges fused together, there could be fifty of them.

Heavy but melodic, The Upset Victory's rolling patterns drive a waterfall pace like running a marathon, especially in songs like Rise. More acoustic pieces like Holding Back rely heavily on Dill's vocals, who reaches golden heights with milky melodies out of gravelly beginnings, accompanied by strings in love letter music.

Fast and technical, big and brash, slow and bubbly,The Upset Victory is energetic, engaging and enchanting. Their complex layering in itself is mesmerizing. Here is a powerful force that will benefit the national scene.


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