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Rene Wahl

Renee Wahl crafts smart songs from the heart and delivers them with an alt-country twang. Her debut album, Cumberland Moonshine, left more than a few of the songs are now stuck in my head.

Opening track, On Something New, energetically captures new love and does so in a totally danceable way, if you dance in Texas or Tennessee. Roses Are Blue reminisces soulfully about a cheating boyfriend, and I can totally relate, but I don't do so with the same smile heard in Wahl's sultry voice.

The rockabilly fan in me loves Heartbreak Thing. It deserves radio play and will get it if the music gods are just. Wahl embraces her blues side on Under My Skin, delivering haunting lyrics such as, "My shameful heart bleeds to let you in, won't let me forget where I've been".

Backing Wahl are Nashville heavy hitters, and comparisons to other singers have already started; Lyle Lovett and Maria McKee, just to name two. To the ears of this alt-country fan though, she sounds like nothing I have ever heard before.

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