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Como Brothers Band

Occasionally there is symmetry between band identity and song identity. The Como Brothers come straight at you with a mature rock sensibility on their EP The Speed of Sound.

I Don’t Like You and Can I Be Matched With You show the band’s love of the shuffle beat.
The well-crafted songs are consistent, and the style of the remainder of the music resides between an upbeat John Mayer and Steve Miller Band style harmonies. The song structure does not waste a note, flowing from verse to ending guitar solo in I Don’t Like You to a whistling solo a la Otis Redding in the feel good track You Are My World.

Overall, with a production this crisp and professional, the tracks could have sounded scrubbed and perfect like cliche pop music. These songs, however, are so well-crafted that the gloss doesn't distract; they could be right on a Lollapalooza side-stage, or a beach campfire on a couple of acoustic guitars.

The Como Brothers Band have that automatic sounding vocal tightness that represents The Speed of Sound overall. It is what pop rock should sound like… evolved and without pretense.

Como Brothers


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