Pierce Edens

Pierce Edens is one of those artists with a musical sensibility that stretches far and wide. His talent suggests that there is an old soul in his body, a restless one that longs to explode into the world through his throat. His songs are that of a seasoned storyteller. The lyrical content of his songs spins vast tapestries of rich, complex tales. Pierce Edens delivers these stories to listeners in a brash, gravelly voice that captures ears right away. His voice is immediately reminiscent of experimental music veteran Tom Waits. It commands attention, and pushes forth lyrics steeped in the mystery of back alleys and back seats alike.

Jailhouse, a standout track from Edens' repertoire, has rough and edgy quality to both sound and lyrics. The rhythmic drumming will send you spinning onto the path of an outlaw on the run. Its a story of seduction, of a life of danger, and the musical integrity holds the mood of the song. The lyrics cry out as a plea : "I ain't never got in trouble on my own." Let It Rain, and Creeping Vines are songs that serve as a great introduction for those looking to get down and dirty.

While considered a part of the Alternative Country genre, Edens' influences appear varied. There are hints of inspiration from blues to country to folk and back.


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