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Sean Waterman

One could get emotionally moved after listening to the lyricism of Sean Waterman. His music is different and not easy to forget.

Waterman delivers a rich experience with his lyrics. Each song describes a meaning that he is trying to convey. Like a poet refining words to produce more power, the lyrics of Armageddon are fun and easygoing, yet serious and sentimental.

Waterman combines smooth vocals with the staccato sound of his guitar and, together, the twointensify each other. The song, Sour Patch Girl is a perfect example. Although his vocals may sound gentle overall, he merges them well with the concentrated sound of his guitar.

Sometimes Waterman lacks depth, as guitar passages begin to sound similar. But his sincerity is obvious and the desire to perform live demonstrates a need to reach out to his audience. His live performance on Balcony TV with Sour Patch Girl showed how much he enjoys performing.

Sean Waterman is a real crowd pleaser with something to say.


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