What do you get when you take smooth rasta jams and blend them with the hottest Miami sounds? Shifta.

Exploding onto the scene with a blend of styles that’s breaking out on dance floors worldwide, and with collaborations with world-class talent like Lil Wayne, Shifta could be one of the true out-of-nowhere surprises this year.

Hungover featuring Lil Wayne, is a perfect place to start listening to the massive sound that Shifta is bringing with huge beats, grinding electronics, and sly lyrics.

Lil Wayne contributes some rhymes, bouncing off of Shifta’s vocals to give extra depth as electro-dub effects wind around him. This music is as fresh as anything you’ll hear right now.

Feeling Nice takes the Miami hiphop music sound and brings it to a dub vibe, borrowing production notes from the likes of DJ Khaled and Rick Ross, but fusing it with a deep down ganja vibe. Shifta keeps the 420 flowing on Ganja Shop, a grooving little tune that sticks in the head about a shop where high-grade is all they got. He even brings in a bit of a middle eastern vibe, although the track goes on a bit long.

For the all-around standout in Shifta’s recent tunes, look to Holiday. The mix of Caribbean vibes, modern hip-hop, and outta-this-world beats come together for a song that begs for feet to stomp and heads to bob. With huge charisma, great musicianship, and a seriously hot new sound, Shifta is poised to bring big things to the Miami dance scene.

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