The Undecided Majors

Everyone in music has an Idol they aspire towards: those towering giants whose work gives bands reason to practice day after day. It's just that you so rarely see a band embracing the proud traditions of Billy Idol.

The Undecided Majors may deserve a reward for giving themselves a name that so perfectly describes the music within: They're trapped in a nexus of frat boy / party anthem rock of the last twenty years, committed to no one style. They seem content to simply glorify college life unnaturally extended.

This is music for people to bob their heads to as they cross the campus green, daydreaming instead of listening whilst doing something more interesting. They bill themselves as pop \ party punk, but it sounds as trite as when Avril Lavigne claims the same. This is punk stripped of everything but the commercial potential of mindless bacchanalia. To paraphrase Electric Six, it's not punk rock unless punk rockers say it's punk rock.

There's quite a bit of raw talent in The Undecided Majors. They've got a knack for writing nice hooks and little bits of harmony on the lyrics, but only every now and then. Most of the time, they're just pumping out straightforward anthem rock meant to get as many fists pumping into the air as possible.

Similarly, they've got a great producer backing them, given how young they are as a band. Each members' contributions are easily heard, and layers of electronics or other bits of trickery are used with restraint. There's even the occasional moment of sheer cleverness, like a fake out moment a couple minutes into No One Else.

The frustrating thing about The Undecided Majors is that great talent is undeniably present. They could be the offspring of The Offspring but what they've released so far is mindlessly reveling in the day-to-day minutiae of fratboihood. As their name suggests, they know they have the potential for more but their aspirations seem stunted.


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