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`Round Nº5

`Round Magazine: `Round Nº5

Underground and overground, come with us `round New York to see the hidden gems. Japanese transplant artist Noboo shares her vision, architect Garrick Jones laments a lost opportunity, and Spanish fashion photographer Julian Bern graces our pages. Fine art photography from I.O. Tillet Wright, music…

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`Round Miami Beach

`Round Magazine: `Round Nº4

`Round is a visual exploration of the art, lifestyle and design that give special places their flavor. Explore the sights and personalities of Miami Beach in issue 4. - 'The Father of Digital Art' Laurence Gartel talks about creating a Tesla Roadster art car and his fascination with …

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`Round Hawaii

`Round Magazine: `Round Nº3

Personalities, artists and scenes of contemporary Hawaii.- Photographer Cheyne Gallarde channels an earlier time in "Good Manners" - Artist and freewheeling architect Tom Teitge builds a house from scrap in "I Could Have Used a V8" - Pictorials from the Big Island, Kau…

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`Round Key West

`Round Magazine: `Round Nº2

Key West is a place with a real sense of place. Find out why in `Round Key West. Pictorials of old town and Duval Street, "Key West Sojourn" by acclaimed travel writer Iris Sanderson Jones and beautiful photography by Sue Swank.

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`Round - Independent Music Reviews

`Round Magazine: Independent Music Reviews

`Round Magazine's independent music reviews. Featuring Sterofidelics, Lisa Brigantino, Sinem Saniye, FU, Jackson Wells, Joey Arias, Boy with a Fish, Sons of Hippies, Boom Kinetic, Gina Sicilia, Zak Sobel, The Rudies, Chux Beta, Lori Willcuts, Woody Lissauer…

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Cheyne Gallarde's Good Manners

`Round Magazine: Cheyne Gallarde's Good Manners

Cheyne Gallarde is a photographer from Honolulu with a unique vintage style.

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Eva Danielle's Exotic Fusion

`Round Magazine: Eva Danielle's Exotic Fusion

Eva Danielle is a Miami fashion designer whose unmistakable mix of art and fashion is making its mark, across town and across the globe.

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Tesla Roadster by Gartel

`Round Magazine: Tesla Roadster by Gartel

Artist Laurence Gartel is called the 'Father of Digital Art'. He makes tangible art from flickering pixels. Watch him turn a Tesla Roadster into an art car.

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Michael Colanero: From Pain to Paint

`Round Magazine: Michael Colanero: From Pain to Paint

Photographer Michael Colanero works with breast cancer survivors on a stunning art project to raise awareness and self-esteem.

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