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Win Grado SR60e Headphones

You just have to guess the secret word from the clues on this page.

Open Air Principle

Legendary Grado Sound

True Audiophile Quality

Everything You Want in a headphone

Consumer Reports magazine chose Grado for five of their ten top picks.

Grado Is Truly The World's Finest

The Company

Grado Labs is a Brooklyn based company that hand makes headphones and cartridges. Family run since 1953, the company was founded by Audio Hall Of Fame Inductee Joseph Grado. As Ars Technica says, “…on a quiet street in south Brooklyn is a manufacturing operation that produces some of the most renowned headphones… it's just the Grados in their narrow townhouse making the little-known, well-loved line of headphones.”.

Full USA Warranty

How to Win

On the right side of this page are article thumbnails. Each article contains a clue to the word. Review the articles to figure it out.

We'll add a new clue each day if nobody guesses correctly.

Guess The Secret Word

Once you think you know the secret word, go to and put the SR60e headphones in your shopping basket. Enter the secret word as a coupon code in ALL CAPS. If you're right the price will be zero.

If you don't want headphones, you can choose the Grado Prestige Black phono cartridge instead.

(note: on mobile devices the clues might not be on the right)

Grado Black Phono Cartridge

Grado Prestige Black Phono CartridgeThe Grado Black Phono Cartridge is also available, instead of headphones.

The Grado Prestige Black models use a three piece OTL cantilever technology, standard oxygen free wire in the coils and Grado's specially designed elliptical diamond mounted in a brass bushing.

So if you prefer the phono cartridge, just add it to the shopping cart instead of the headphones, and follow the rest of the steps above.

A Selection of Grado Headphones

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Get started.

Just review the 'clue' articles to figure out the secret word. Contest open to residents of the continental United States only. You must be 18 or older to enter. Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of the publisher.

Good Luck!