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Julian Bern

Julian Bern was born and raised in Madrid.  After graduating, Julian worked at a computer company for more than 10 years and traveled around the world. It was during his travels that he became serious about photography. In 2009, he gave up his day job to devote himself entirely to photography. He currently lives and works in Madrid.


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Eva Danielle's Exotic Fusion

You can feel it in her fanciful couture and casual wear, together with the exquisite material, a sheer luxury sensation. While her seductive style is all about Miami, Eva recognizes and appreciates the various regions for which she designs. “I modify things to each country, to give the full measure of respect to each culture. I’m not just a Florida girl, I’m more of an international girl.” In Miami, New York, Paris, Tokyo, India and soon Dubai, Eva Danielle’s unmistakable mix of art and fashion is making its mark, across town and across the globe. Beyond the fashion world, each of Eva Danielle’s line of inspired collections is drawn from a different corner of her life and experience.

“My background is in art history, so everything I do is based around an historical artistic painting.” She describes one of her favorite collections, Pandora’s Box, as inspired by Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s painting Pandora. With Rossetti as her muse, she flawlessly pulls together a palette of intrigue and emotion to create a collection that is a gallery of daring passion. Her surrealistic collections are a testament to her distinct ability to synthesize art and fashion.

Eva Danielle’s unique creations of wearable art captivate growing demand of the fashion-enthusiasts worldwide as well as celebrity fans. Handcrafted in the United States, her pieces are only produced in limited numbers to ensure the individual expression and experience.

All of the pieces at Eva Danielle are named after an animal that has been rescued through the foundation “Helping Homeless Animals”. She donates a part of the proceeds from every sale to this family founded charity.