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Apryl Evans

"Country has always been who I am, but something I feared trying. We didn't even have a country station in Jersey until a couple years ago!" says Evans, "But once I let me be me and stopped listening to everyone around me, I knew I had found my place in this big old music world. So I left it all behind, hopped a plane to Nashville and found myself working with the best of the best."

And the rest is history. The song that Apryl is most proud of is "Should've Been Here By Now", which she co-wrote with award winning and chart topping songwriters Rachel Thibodeau and Jason Sever of Little Champion Publishing."There is nothing more incredible than sitting in a room with two people who have written songs that you've been singing along to for years and collaborating on a song for your own project. There are just no words for how surreal that moment was," Apryl says with a smile.

And so the fun, upbeat and somewhat sarcastic "Should've Been Here By Now" was born. The song is one for anyone who's been out there looking for "Mr. or Mrs. Right" for sometime and keeps coming up with duds. Evans even got to call out some of her own exes in the song in a moment she likes to call "A Taylor Swift Moment".

The song joins two others on the EP by Thibodeau, including "Gonna Be a Good Night" and the title track "Things You Left Behind", as well as two others that Evans co-wrote - "Why" and "Stripped Down". The whole EP is bound to give listeners a country-flavored peek into the psyche of the multi-layered artist that is Apryl Evans.


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