Alouette, the Lark

Alouette, the LarkO, Be I Your Bluebird is a love song between two birds. Sadly, the love didn't stand the long distance between Montreal, Canada and NYC, but the feelings are still true today. As an American living in Montreal, Canada in the summer of my 24 years, I met a Métis (half Native American - Cree, half Anglo) guy, and fell for his honest music and dashing looks. His last name was Cardinal, and I, always flighting around from this country to that (US, Canada, France, Germany), found someone whose eyes I wanted to see through. He was a Rocky Mountain countryman, a whistler, writing of tall trees shaking the hands with this God-given sky. Not that either of us were religious. It was an all-encompassing understanding of the divine quality of time and distance.

When we were living and loving long-distance, he wrote a poem for be, talking of staying by. I wrote in turn for him, andThe song starts out talking of whistling trails and round rump tails. Intimate times with each other.

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