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Katie Cole

The production isn't just random beeps and flourishes inserted to be trendy; the electronic and string lines are actual parts, creating counterpoints and actually adding to the song composition. Her “Lost Inside a Moment,” which was featured on BBC2 radio, perfectly illustrates this with lovely little string lines that support the song internally. Such intelligent songwriting is a rarity these days, and is just one of the aspects that helps Katie Cole's music rise above the pack.

“Breakout” is another standout among her recent tracks, laying light electronic dance lines beneath lyrics and songwriting that might have been acoustic Lilith Fair fodder. However, they're integrated well enough that they don't interfere, and other touches like tubular bells come in to give it further depth beyond what you'd expect from most female pop.

Katie Cole ties it all together with a beautiful voice that can do everything from soulful lamenting to a bit of a coy country twang, creating a real “total package” that can turn heads in the music industry. She has a world of potential – she just needs a hit or two to cement herself in current pop!

John Vento

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