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Lexi’s original tunes stick to well-trod territory, dealing with matters such as romantic troubles and issues with friends with bad attitudes.  “Bad Attitude,” in fact, is one of her standouts, with a charming repeated wa-ho-wa-ho figure and light remix elements that keep it feeling fresh without disrupting the dance beats.

“Summer Love,” with its setting of young lovers on the beach with “sand in our toes” is a near pitch-perfect ode to the joys of young love, blending the power of love with thumping beats and crunchy electronic elements.  It only lacks resolution, continuing to exist ‘’in the moment’’ of that evening on the beach.

Lexi doesn’t fare so well when she raps.  She has the rhythm, but not the soul.  This unfortunately drags down her cover of Karmin’s “Heartbroken,” where her beats simply cannot match the original. (And mimicking Karmin’s trademark “Cheerio!” complete with faux Cockney accent was probably a mistake.)

One hot track is Lexi’s cover of the Selena Gomez hit “Love You Like a Love Song.” While she doesn’t stray very far from the style and feel of the original, Lexi distinguishes herself from Gomez with her lilting delivery and a bit more of a Euro-disco vibe than the original, improving on an established modern hit.

Lexi is a newcomer to pop music, and shows off a surprising range of skills and styles in her freshman efforts.  All she lacks is some refinement, as there are moments where her reach exceeds her grasp, especially her rapping.

These, however, are issues that can be easily overcome with a little more time and experience.  If she can partner with the right producer and continue collaborating with talent like Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, she may have bright lights in her future.


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