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Cristiane Ross

Talitha Cumi - The Inspirational

 A certain miracle from Mark chapter 5 became the inspirational focus for what is now our favorite song. A synagogue ruler by the name of Jairus came and begged Jesus to heal his little girl, or else she would die. This early in His ministry, Jesus was doing miracles day in and day out, and He didn't refuse the request of Jairus. As it happened during the travel, Jesus was interrupted by another person in need of Him, and maybe that appeared to be enough of a delay to prevent Jesus from arriving at the house of Jairus. When He arrived, the people were already in the makings of grievances because the little girl had died.

Now, the Bible doesn't speak of her illness. All we know is that she is sick, and the parents are worried. Surely, they had some hopes, dreams, and expectations for her. Probably the little girl had her own dreams. Maybe she wanted to travel to a certain city, maybe she wanted to marry a certain boy. When the illness overtook her, it was more than a physical death. All the dreams, hopes, and expectations also died. And it was a time for sorrow, except for Jesus. He did what the Old Testament Law taught He couldn't do, touch a dead body. However, He is the lawgiver, and could change the Law as only He could do. He spoke the words “talitha cumi”, giving resurrection power into the lifeless body of a 12 year old girl. When she was restored to life, every idea and every thought, every hope and dream resurrected with her.

So how does this apply to Cristiane and her husband Mark Ross? During a particular difficult time period, there seemed to be some jealousy and lack of support that came from other people while Cristiane and Mark pursued musical ambitions. There was a lack of agreement and vision, and Mark was filled with anger to the point of wanting to leave Rio de Janeiro, abandoning his marriage with Cristiane, and quitting on her musical dreams of recording a cd. He chose to separate himself from Cristiane, hiding in a hotel for a few days. While he considered his options, he continued reading the miracle about Jesus and the 12 year old girl. Here, in these few days, Mark came to understand the significance and the hidden meanings of what happened when Jesus spoke “talitha cumi”.

Gaining a new spiritual revelation from God, he returned to his apartment in Rio de Janeiro, and settled the disagreements and from this experience, he wrote the lyrics to the song that is now the title track on Cristiane Ross's first cd.

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