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Eye'z: Inspiration Behind Go For It

The inspiration behind Go For It started when my agent approached me and said he wanted to  book me gigs in LA. I was extremely excited about the opportunity to perform in that market. When I begin doing shows in LA I noticed that there was a whole lot of competition. It didn't make me feel intimidated nor did it make me doubt my ability to perform on the big stage. But it did motivate me to examine myself to see what else could I do to become a better artist and rise above my competitors.

After I completed the self examination I concluded that I had talent, the voice, the look and the confidence but there was something was missing.

For a while I couldn't put my finger on it.  Then by chance the answer was revealed to me.  I was at a live music event in Oakland when this performer touched me with her song to such an extends that I felt tingles!  I received a message! GO WITH THE RIGHT SONG! That was the missing key ingredient. I lacked a signature song but that was about to change.

 So when I went home I immediately wrote Go For It. The song basically wrote itself because I had the concept down in just a few minutes. I did some minor touch up or two a day later then went to the studio in about a month it was ready.  I went to LA with that song, hit the stage, cut loose and was never upstaged again.

Ok now the meaning behind the song is basically if you believe in something no one can take it away from you. No matter who you are. If you believe in it then you can achieve it. You can do it!  No one's pressuring you. You're your own best friend. YES YOU CAN! This is not Obama speaking its me! Sometimes we work so hard and forget what we're working for. Sometimes you need to just go for it. Believe one day things will pay off. That's why sometimes instead of dreaming about going to Hollywood, just get up and go do it! Go for it!  Get it its yours for the taking!  You need to escape the situation in order be free. You can become free one day when learn to free yourself and never give up! Remember, even if the doors closed the window of opportunity is open so just climb through it. 

Go for it!

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