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Oliver Sean's Next Move

Oliver Sean First Move

First Move - By Oliver Sean

Oliver Sean is a singer with a long and complicated history. He’s Portuguese and Goan, raised in Europe. He’s a lifelong creative soul, jumping from music to film and back again. His European and Indian upbringing show themselves in all of his creative work. He’s recorded songs that sound straight off a Portuguese beach and contributed music direction to Bollywood films. A self-taught musician, Sean learned to play the keyboards and drums as a young creative. It was his guitar and voice that make him unique, however. He started writing songs at ten years old and has only improved since, with several awards and notable appearances. 

Sean’s new song, First Move, is a tribute to youthful naiveté. It’s rife with coming of age nostalgia, with lines like “I’m kinda shy/when I see you smile/I get tongue tied.” After some classic “do do doos…” Sean moves on to a more assertive and hopeful plan with “don’t waste another moment.” The song saunters along without a care in the world, joyous in its uncertainty. The meandering guitar relaxes, awash in the sparse instrumentation, confident in its worldly knowledge. Sean has crafted the perfect nostalgia not only for dreamers but for those with their feet planted in the sand as well. 

New York - Oliver Sean

The time-tested elements in Oliver Sean’s music are heavy with meaning as well. The guitar style of Jason Mraz and the vocal leanings of Jack Johnson are present, but Sean makes them entirely his own. Oliver Sean is the picture perfect representative of a European beach meets a crowded Indian metropolis. The sophisticated point of view influences not only his subject matter but his sound as well. It’s hard to miss the dreamlike reverb on the guitars and the subtle tabla-esque percussion. It’s not blatant, and it’s not difficult to overlook, but the influence is there, and it’s what makes Sean such a singular songwriter. 

With film scores, pop music awards, and even a documentary about endangered Bengal Tigers to his name, Oliver Sean is always moving forward. After being nominated for an EMA and landing on VH1’s Top 10 in 2012, however, Sean continued on his epic trajectory with a new album and a bigger place on the international pop stage. His newest album, Devil In Blue Jeans, is due out this year, with First Move as the second single. The track is due out February 18th and is set to coincide with the Annual WOA International Music Festival. The festival, headlined by Oliver Sean and his band, is produced by Sean’s company W.O.A. Entertainment. 

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