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“I’m really not all about the cliché stuff. My aim is to make timeless music. Music that will still sound fresh 20 years from now. I’m done with trying to make trendy music that’s only good for right now.”

Not a big radio listener, Vital nonetheless wants to change the sound of radio through his conversion to pop music from rap.

Bouncing between Vallejo, California and Chicago for much of his childhood and, hip-hop became his preferred mode of communication. But after years of rapping, he made the decision to use the full range of his voice.

“I always knew I had a voice, but I never wanted to use it because of the things that I was going through,” he recalls. “Because I was angry, I wanted to express myself through hip-hop instead. It was really rough growing up so I didn’t want to sing it to you; I wanted to rap it to you.” 

Vital feels his name reflects his value to the world of music. Time will tell.
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