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Scartoon's music is consistently evolving as he draws from R&B, hip-hop, house, electronica, pop, reggae, and even film scores. From performing in the Vegas club scene to hectic college parties across the western United States, down to trippy boiler room-esque environments and back, Scartoon is all about the discovery of emotion through music.

Las Vegas-based Producer Anthony Charles Wynkoop is the man behind Scartoon. He has been a creative figure in Las Vegas music and is known for bringing a thoughtful, melodic tone to the club scene.

In 2015, Anthony started his own label, Artist Mafia Records. With nothing but a studio and motivation, Scartoon created a brand that represents a lot of the most talented artists in Vegas. His new LP, The American Psycho, is a concept album that draws on the darker side of human emotion.
Noboo Kawaguchi

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