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Their latest release, ORGANIC HOLOGRAM fuses together a pleasing electro-dance melange that gets the head bobbing, even as it still has something to say.

Generally speaking, POST shows two main styles, with one usually dominant in a song. Many of their tracks are firmly in the pop \ indie rock vein with long lyrical vocal lines laid over a dense mix of percussion and mostly-analog synths. Groups like Portishead, Unkle, and especially VAST come to mind.

They ride a line between dream pop and dance, with longing vocals that sometimes invoke Roger Waters at his plaintive best. In keeping with the dance theme, their lyrics are simple songs, mostly of regret, lending a melancholy tinge to tracks like Wrong Place Wrong Time and Unstable Mastering.

On the other hand, POST also has an R&B side, with a couple of their most impressive cuts keeping one step planted in classic 80s rap. Sounding something like if Talib Kweli teamed up with Cheb Khaled, these mix explosive middle eastern beats and instrumentation with heartfelt, emotional rhymes to create a few standout tracks.

"Ferryman" and "Ekinox" may disrupt the otherwise tranquil flow of their pop songs, but their exotic trip-hop is often a welcome distraction. Speaking from the heart with universal messages about cycles of poverty and violence, POST proves themselves adept in multiple genres at once.

Ferryman especially stands out as a showstopper and a highlight of the album, mixing in a lonely wooden flute as counterpoint to guest Ray Rizzo's throaty, angry lyrics as the electronics build throughout. This track, especially, could turn some heads and drive home how R&B has become a worldwide art form.

If anything, POST leaves one trying to decide which "side" of their songwriting is better. Their alt\indie work could play just as well on the radio as in dance clubs, and their rap would go well on a multitude of mixes. Backed by great beats and strong electronic work, POST could win a spot on a lot of peoples' playlists.

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