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Oliver's Doing That

Oliver Sean is Doing That
Rarely can a 'do it yourself' indie artist escape the longtail blues of the modern music industry. One percent of musicians get the lion's share of attention (and money) while more than 90% go completely undiscovered.

Enter Oliver Sean. This dynamic, hard-working musician from Leicester by way of Goa has charted on Billboard at number 6 with his bouncy pop single Doing That (Time. Love. Happiness). The song also tickled the top position on iTunes in North America.

'Doing That' effortlessly blends BritPop with Indian spice into the sort of cultural McFlurry which is Sean's signature sound. The tabla kicks it off and maintains througout, while his snaky electric guitar riffs venerate sitar stylings. Yet if you strip away these elements you have an acoustic country-tinged happy dance not unlike Hootie and The Blowfish.
Appropriate because Oliver Sean lives in a time and place where fish 'n chips, chicken tikka masala, cobblestone streets and Harley-Davidson choppers perfectly compliment each other… allowing him to connect with a growing diversity of fans accross the globe.

"It is quite surreal to see your song listed in the billboard charts and that too at Number 6," says the singer. Sean had previously hit the VH1 top 10 for his single 'Movies' from the album 'So Good' which was also nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award. His fourth album 'Devil in Blue Jeans' made the UK iTunes bestselling pre-orders list and 'New York' from that album won gold at the International Independent Film Awards.

The parenthetical part of his song, Time-Love-Happiness could well be an equation for success. With enough time and plenty of love even a DIY indie singer might find happiness. And commercial success.

Get updates on the band and tour dates from Oliver Sean official website.


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