Five Dollar Ad Campaign

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This offer is available to indie musicians only

Launch a banner ad campaign on `Round Magazine for as little as $5. Your ad will appear in the right column of our music section. It will look something like the ones on the right column of this page.

1. Prepare your artwork - 250 x 250 pixels. You can use your album cover, or an ad for your act or concert tour. The ad can link to your website, Facebook page, Soundcloud, etc. All artwork must be approved by the publisher for appropriateness to our site.

2. Choose the size campaign you wish to purchase, starting at just $5 for 1,000 impressions. 

Choose campaign size

3. Email your artwork to publisher[at], and tell us the URL that the ad should link to. Send .jpg or .gif files only (no Flash/.swf allowed). Please make sure you send from the same email address that you used for PayPal so we can match your artwork to the payment.

That's it. Your ad will start running within 48 hours.

Once the number of impressions purchase has been used up you will receive a report showing how many people clicked on your ad.

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