Your Bedroom Retreat

Spend a third of your life in comfort 

The Bedroom. A place to reflect after a hard day and to dream of what tomorrow holds. Your bedroom is your place of retreat, a sanctuary where you can escape the daily stress of your life and take a moment to surround yourself with luxurious fabrics and warm plush pillows.

If this does not sound like something you can do in your current bedroom, you may be in need of a makeover or maybe just a sprucing up. Don't panic, achieving that first class hotel experience in your own bedroom is easier than you might think. Here's how to start.

Remove The Clutter

Anything that does not contribute to your relaxation or resting needs to be removed from your bedroom. Laundry can be stored somewhere else and anything that reminds you of work or bills should be out of site. Keep relaxation in and work out.

Art Silk Table Light Creative Bedroom LampStart With The Walls

The walls are an excellent place to add a little color to your space and are relatively inexpensive to do. Choose a color that calms your senses. Typically pastels, blues, or greens are restful colors. Researchers have found that colors of the night such as blues, indigos and violets can decrease blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates.

Add the Basics

Next, add your furniture. Remember that open space is ok and in fact adds a feeling of serenity. So don't be afraid to include just your favorite pieces in addition to your bed such as your grandmother's antique dresser or a favorite find of your own.

Embellish Your Space

Now that you have the basics in place and the tone is set with the colors on the walls you're ready to add some charm. There are many excellent resources for finding the perfect accessories to soften your space. From flowing bed skirts and window draperies to soft and luxurious bedding, embrace the idea of making your bedroom a retreat.

When adding texture to your bedroom remember to make it soft so it invites you to curl up and escape the day's pressures. Lastly, treat your bedroom like any other guest-visited areas of your home. Just because it's your private room doesn't mean that you shouldn't add finishing touches like a plant in the corner, fresh flowers to the side table, or peaceful artwork on the walls.

Accentuate Yourself

Now that you've turned your room into a five-star hotel retreat don't forget to lavish yourself with a luxurious robe, and soft plush towels to dry yourself after a good soak. 


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