The Style of Harvey Probber

Designer Harvey Probber
With the end of the popular show Mad Men, Don Draper may be driving off into the sunset, but the interior design style of the 1960s is seeing the dawn of a new day. Harvey Probber was the quintessential furniture designer of the era and his pieces are now being re-issued, with the blessing of the Probber estate, by M2L furniture. Fittingly, they can be found on Madison Avenue.

Probber invented modular furniture in the 1940s, and the concept of "nuclear" furniture which utilized a variety of seating, tables and accessories in nuclear clusters.

A multi-talented fellow, Probber once fancied a career as a pop singer and songwriter. Although he eventually became a maker and industrialist, with a factory and hundreds of employees, he always put art first. He even traded his beloved car for a Picasso.

Newly released Probber furniture by M2L is on display at the M2L showroom at 135 Madison Avenue. Call 212-832-8222 for more information.

Nuclear Sert

Nuclear Sert by Harvey Probber

Harvey Probber was a self educated, Brooklyn born American modernist, historically recognized as ‘the father of modularity’

This photograph shows the Nuclear Sert sofa designed by Harvey Probber in 1946. View the next slide to see the current authorized reissue version of Nuclear Sert. 
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