Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot

Ollie Chair

How does a roboticist design furniture? It's really not so different from the way a furniture maker might design a robot.

Now you see it, now you don't. The Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot is an ingenious shape-shifting invention that converts in seconds from a decorative wall panel to a sturdy and comfortable chair.

The Ollie Chair is the newest addition to the collection of cutting edge furniture made by RockPaperRobot. This is a company whose name is synonymous with robotics, forward-thinking inventions and kinetic furniture. The Ollie Chair is a sleek folding chair that quickly unfolds from a flat slatted wooden surface into a an ergonomic chair-shape after a light flick of a pull-cord. This invention is consistent with the RockPaperRobot style; they created quite a buzz with their Float Table made from magnetically levitating cubes. RockPaperRobot was founded by Jessica Banks who dropped out of MIT after becoming interested in mashing robotics up with furniture.

How it works

The most unique aspect of the Ollie Chair is its shape-shifting ability. The easy transformation is facilitated by the combined mechanics of the tambour (the flat wooden flat surface) and the aluminium body which is easily retractable, light and provides sufficient support. This technological innovation was inspired by Origami techniques. The tambour seats are easily detachable to allow you to make any aesthetic changes you might need to suit the color scheme of your home or business.


This chair has also been designed not only for indoors, but also for all outdoor conditions. This was achieved through the use of rust and warp resistant materials for its various parts: stainless steel fasteners, anodized aluminum sheeting. The manufacturer has tested its durability using salt, heat, low temperatures, and immersion testing, so you can be certain that this is a chair for all seasons. Beyond its durability, its biggest advantages lie in how easily transportable it is and in how ideal it is for people with space constraints.


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