The M2 Chair is Customizable and Affordable

Since the era of Josef Hoffmann, architects and designers have embraced the idea of unified integration between the building or room they are designing and the furniture and objects used to populate it. Hoffmann, and many architects since, endeavored to design furniture to fit the room.

For most design and architectural firms the scope of projects don't allow such bespoke luxury. So they spend countless hours scouring the internet and furniture binders, seeking the perfect chair in the right finish at a price that fits their budget.


The M2 chair offers a solution to this design puzzle: low cost customization. Instead of endless searching, just specify the frame color and upholstery colors that suit your environment. You can even create a two or three color combination to fit your theme.

Imagine your client is a university and you're specifying chairs for the library and classrooms. You'd need something very durable and designed for institutional use, yet comfortable. You might want chairs that stack or swivel, some with arms and some without, and even stools. Perhaps you need tablet arms for use in classrooms and lecture halls.


While many chairs might meet those basic criteria, the M2 chair gives you the option to select frame colors with an order of just 100 chairs. The metal frame, available in sled base or legs, will be powder-coated in your custom color. The seat and back can be upholstered in two different colors, either fabric, leather, or COM to complete your vision. Starting under $400 each and lower for projects, the M2 is a winner.

Besides color-themed schools and corporations, many public spaces such as waiting rooms, atriums, and museum cafes can experience a sort of unified integration by using the M2 chair. For example, specify the leather and chrome swivel armchair in the offices, the drafting stool version in the art department, fabric upholstered pull-up chairs in the conference room, and the barstools and stacking chairs in the cafeteria.

100% Made in Italy, the M2 chair by M2L is a multi-functional dream come true for designers and architects. Feel the freedom to choose all of the options and colors you need, from one affordable source.

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