Socks Rock

For decades, Billy Graziadei has been an icon of the hardcore metal scene. As one of the earliest members of pioneering rap-metal group Biohazard, he was at the forefront of a major new wave in music. However, unlike many other similar groups, Biohazard always had a strong streak of social consciousness.  Their music consistently presented harsh realities of inner-city life, while condemning racism, economic disenfranchisement, violence, and other problems plaguing America for the past four decades.

Graziadei himself has continued to be a major force in music throughout that time, going on to form Powerflo along with Cypress Hill frontman Sen Dog, and with his most recent solo project BillyBio. The entire time, social issues never left his mind, and now Graziadei is involved in a new consciousness-raising project: 

Selling socks.

Socks might not seem particularly 'metal' but they are one of the single most important items of clothing for keeping a person healthy and safe. Socks are particularly needed among homeless communities, where finding clean pairs can be difficult, and lacking them can be deadly. True to his reputation, Billy Graziadei is helping relieve this problem through a collaboration with CRU SOX.

CRU SOX was founded by a married pair of teachers, Edward and Angela Davis, specifically to help spread awareness of homelessness and help those who are on the streets. They are also, not coincidentally, long time fans of Graziadei and Biohazard, leading them to meet the legendary metal icon and enlist his aid in promoting their brand.

CRU SOX has a simple premise: the more socks people purchase, the more socks the company will donate to the homeless.  When people buy one pair of socks, CRU SOX donates a pair. If two pairs are purchased, they donate three. Three pairs means five donations, and so on. CRU SOX works exclusively with reputable charities, such as Project 150, who can ensure the footwear is properly distributed among the homeless.

With bright colors and bold patterns, CRU SOX stand out on anyone who wears them, making these socks a great buy in any case. That buying them helps the homeless just makes them all the better. With Billy Graziadei on the team, helping to promote the project, CRU SOX is in a great position to continue Biohazard's legacy of social awareness.  

Just as Graziadei once inspired the young Davises to think socially, CRU SOX can do the same for a new generation.


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