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Overman Listen to Overman While multi-hyphenated mashup genres have become familiar to music fans, one combination I think we don't see nearly enough is psychedelic-country. There's no reason it can't work. After all, it was always David Gilmour's secret weapon, and one could argue that Journey of the Sorcerer is the best thing The Eagles ever recorded. None the less, you don't see psych-country come along often. Thankfully, Overman appears to agree with me. They've fully embraced this sadly under-represented subgenre with their first full-length release, The Future Is Gonna Be Great .
POST Listen to POST If there's one accusation that tends to stick to electronic dance music, it's that it's often soulless, emphasizing the electronic to the point of losing any human elements. Perhaps in answer to this, Istanbul-based POST has arrived on the scene with a dance sound that blends pop, postrock, R&B, and a liberal dash of middle eastern influences. Their latest release, ORGANIC HOLOGRAM fuses together a pleasing electro-dance melange that gets the head bobbing, even as it still has something to say.
Jonathan Hape Listen to Jonathan Hape Jonathan Hape weaves an intoxicating blend of sonic tapestries together, creating spacey dream pop that's simultaneously catchy and haunting. Hape's sound defies easy description, pulling from many genres, but his reverb-drenched vocals tie his tracks together. Sounding like something from Audrey Horne's jukebox, his multitracked vocals echo dreamily off in the distance even as entire songs shimmer, mirage-like.
Kenny Wesley Listen to Kenny Wesley Kenny Wesley probably isn't a name you're familiar with, unless you're a die-hard “So You Think You Can Dance” fan. However, with his debut album The Real Thing, Wesley has immediately established himself as a serious -and seriously fun- artist who's looking to bring funk back. Welsey influences are undeniable – half the tracks on this album sound like great 70s funk, in the vein of Parliament or the Jacksons, with a heaping helping of current-day synthesizers on top. Wesley shines on these tracks, such as Real Thing and Taffy, with some down-and-dirty fuzz…
After the Rain Listen to One Gun Shy If you've got an itch for some straight-up 80s-style hard rock, One Gun Shy may be just the thing to scratch your itch for good old-fashioned metal without cheesy hair getting in the way. After The Rain, the debut album from this Seattle-based foursome impresses on a number of technical levels. They deliver a great all-around rock album despite having only been together for a couple years. The amount of polish they show in both their production and their work as a group is excellent.
Most Beautiful Thing By Brandon Chase I grew up with an older sister and I also had many girls that I considered close friends. After years of observation, I noticed a trend. And a sad one at that. I've found that the majority of girls feel like they have to doctor their appearance in order to feel beautiful and they feel like they have to work for their worth.
HoneyCircuit Listen to HoneyCircuit Sounding something like what you'd get if Delirium and Dead Can Dance got together to make a chillout group, HoneyCircuit strives for a place in the downtempo worldbeat scene. Their music brings together a wide range of influences, from reggae to industrial, looking to create a new chillout fusion. Now, there's a subtle art to taking disparate elements and combining them into a hypothetical glorious new whole. There's more to combining world music genres than simply layering different styles on top of each other like clothing.
Bonafide For the past several years, Nashville-based hip-hop artist Jamal "Bonafide" Graves has been prolific, crafting a series of independent albums full of great beats firmly rooted in the east coast sound. Heavy on the electronics of the Miami and Atlanta scenes, Bonafide shows that you can get some quality hip-hop even in a town best known for its country-western.
Connie Lim Listen to Connie Lim With lush instrumentation, compelling vocals, and a wide range of styles at her disposal, Connie Lim brings a fresh new voice to the female singer-songwriter genre. This LA native has independently produced a surprisingly robust body of work that should turn heads of anyone looking for a strong new female voice on the music scene.

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