Louis Vuitton digs Pierre Paulin

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A 40-year-old virgin design project by Pierre Paulin


Pierre Paulin was the avant-garde darling of 60's and 70's furniture design. In 1972 he conceived a residential project for Herman Miller that was never realized, until now.

It never got past the mock-up stage in Paulin's lifetime, but now Louis Vuitton has brought the interior to life. Dubbed "Playing With Shapes" the plan is based on a six level grid configuration. Eighteen pieces from the original design have now been produced and are on display at Palm Court in Miami's design district.

One expects from a designer a practical object with, if possible, a touch of poetry and elegance”. - Pierre Paulin

“The creation of this maquette cleverly links one’s notions of comfort, functional design, one’s freedom of choice, practical decision making and need for assembled objects with the transformational nature of the modern world,” says a spokesperson for Louis Vuitton.

Paulin, who died in 2009, was responsible for many of the iconic furniture pieces associated with the 1960s and 1970s. The ubiquitous Orange Slice chair is his, along with the Tulip chair, Globe chair, Oyster chair and Ribbon chair. A large selection of his designs are available through M2L. Inc. in New York, Washington, and Boston.

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