'Nuf Said

We were on a tour in Asia and we rented a van to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to play at the Blue Jazz Café. We were all tired and crazy hungry after a week of gigging every night when we finally got to the border and were finally asked for our documents. We were all given permission to enter Singapore after our luggage was meticulously searched and we had to throw out OUR CHEWING GUM!!! Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore, who knew?! Only Avishai, our drummer was kept for about one hour at the border. The border patrol was telling us to play the show without our drummer, and not risk having him cross the border, and then not be able to return to KL. To say the least, we had a stressful time in the car arguing about what we should do. We just knew we weren't going to leave anybody behind. We decided to wait and hope for a miracle to happen that would enable all of us to make it to the gig on time.

Two hours later, the border patrol changed shifts and we sent our drummer out once again to try and get a temporary visa. Luckily, this time there was a lady interviewing Avi, and he managed to charm his way through and get his temporary visa in less than 10 minutes!!!! We continued driving to the Blue Jazz Café to find the city of Singapore to be a labyrinth of streets filled with expensive tolls! It was a huge challenge trying to avoid spending all of our money on these tolls and still somehow get to the club on time after all of our delays. We just made it to the gig last minute and we ended up playing for a huge crowd and making new fans that eventually came to see our gigs in New York last fall. The trip was a mess and it was the most stressful we ever had while touring. In the end, the show we played made it all worth it. By the time we started playing, all of our worries and stress were transformed into energy and excitement, and we played the best gig of our tour in Singapore.

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