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Amé Houston-Love Sick

I can remember the day my ex-girlfriend broke up with me, and it was the greatest day of my life. The fact that I would never have to see her face or hear her high-pitched voice again brought tears of joy to my eyes. To know that I was the guy who treated her with the upmost respect, and she was the girl that treated me like crap made me feel like I was worth more than what she could ever offer. So many times I hear how people are depressed over an ex and how often times they are so “Love Sick” that they can’t even move on. It sickens me to know that good girls and good guys pass up on good things because they are stuck in their past. When I started writing this song my intentions were to create my own definition to the term “Love Sick.”

It is said that love sick is a deep, often depressing, feeling of wanting to find love; to be loning for love; to be without a companion to share ones life with, though it is desired deeply.

I thought to myself, that is one depressing definition. I mean to be depressed over someone who treats you like crap when there are 50 gazillion people on earth is insane. I wanted to change that feeling, that emotion, and that depression. I wanted to write a song to every ex-lover across the world that says; “I am so happy we broke up”, “I mean I am doing cartwheels down the street and jumping off walls now that you are out of my life.” I wanted to let them know how much I loved that they were out of my life, but I wanted to do it in the most sarcastic way possible; and so I took the word “Love Sick” and created my own meaning to it.

Love Sick: sickness caused by seeing, hearing, or talking to an ex lover.

Symptoms include; Nausea, vomiting, headache, decrease of attraction, frequent irritation, questioning past decisions.

If you have ever felt these symptoms when encountering an ex-lover, nine times out of ten, you have experienced being lovesick. This song is not just to tell my ex- girlfriend how much I despise her, but it is a song that anybody could relate to when feeling the symptoms of being  “Love Sick.”

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