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Sinem Saniye

They say good things come to those who wait, and for those who have eagerly anticipated the debut album of Sinem Saniye, that wait has come to a merciful end. Featuring 11 tracks, all full of the same heartfelt passion that has won Sinem a string of prestigious songwriting awards since 2005, When I Don’t Sleep shouldn’t disappoint. The perfect blend of world and mainstream pop music, When I Don’t Sleep, like Sinem herself, features a diverse range of musical influences, beautiful in their individuality, yet easily accessible across genres.

With a voice that calls to mind the likes of Nelly Furtado and Nina Persson (of Cardigans fame), even the most cynical of listeners will have to admit there is more to Sinem than meets the eye. While her subject matter doesn’t stray far from feelings of longing, romance and seduction – hardly new ground to break – Sinem addresses these subjects with an air of sophistication that eludes many of her contemporaries.

Following a natural progression, Sinem expresses a longing for guidance and acceptance on I’ll Confide, a track that brings to mind the Cure’s In Between Days, and Peter Frampton’s Baby I Love Your Way. From here, she transitions to a seductive need for release on tracks like One Woman and A Certain Kind of Lovely. Finally, on In My Slumber, Sinem has reaches a place of mature reflection. Should her career follow the same trajectory, Sinem Saniye could be a name to remember for years to come.

Christina Brehm

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