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Lisa Brigantino

From the opening chords of Go and Find It, there’s little denying Led Zeppelin’s influence; even the acoustic-laden Used To Be A House seems to have Jimmy Page’s fingerprints all over it. This may be par for the course when you consider that Brigantino was an original member of Lez Zeppelin, the first all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute band.

Still, Wonder Wheel is full of surprises. The title track is a dreamy little number that could have been a staple of lighter college and alternative radio in the early 90s, and would play just as well today. On A Little Sympathy, Josie Cotton meets Elvis Costello, and   on I Gotta Find Me Somethin’, Brigantino easily conjures images of the late great Andrews Sisters. Closing the show is the stage-ready theatrical number, I’ll See You In My Dreams, a fitting end to an interesting and far-reaching musical journey that is certainly worth the initial listen. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself back on the wonder wheel again.

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