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Kristen Faulconer

One of the most impressive aspects of Faulconer's music to me is how deftly she integrates pop, rock, dance, and electronic elements into a cohesive whole. Slow Down starts off with some nearly-metal guitar riffing before launching into its deceptively deep lyrics of a woman in an out-of-control relationship. She jumps between amp-distorted and clean vocals, portraying her mixed emotions quite effectively.

She also reveals her deeper side in the deceptively poppy Dollhouse, as she protests attempts to control her, set against a clapping rhythmic line. She also shows off how many different vocal styles she's mastered, from a girlish lilt to a hint of hip-hop.

She does dance-pop just as well. Her track Fun is an early-catching number that perhaps echoes Gaga's Telephone a bit too much in its opening, but quickly resolves into a fun piece backed up with an impressive array of electronic effects. Even here, however, her music still has a bit more meat in the form of crunchy guitars in the chorus.

Kristen Faulconer is a bright new star on the indie scene. Fans should definitely watch for her upcoming album “Phoenix,” due this fall.

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