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Adrian Daniel

Adrian DanielAdrian Daniel is one well-rounded artist, with influences from Kanye West to Bob Dylan to Queen and Hendrix. Most importantly, Daniel is a wonderful musical surprise.  From the first few moments of True Lovin’, I found myself caught up in the smooth tune.

Another great selection is Out of Gas, which further shows the depth of the artist's talent. Daniel's voice is a very smooth blend of Motown sound and a harder-edged poet. The use of Martin Luther King’s voice at the end of the song clearly shows that there is something deeper at play than the shallow tunes of a pop artist.

Another tune, Something Told Me really recalls the days of Motown groups like the Temptations but without simply being a clone. Daniel makes the sound his own with a modernized element to the music. The transition from the throwback sound to the electronic light rock of another of Daniel's songs Round of Applause is striking but, once again, he makes the sound his own and the result is great.  He even takes a small step into the rap world with Gone.

Versatility is something that is not often found in today's artists. But Adrian Daniel is quickly proving to be an artist who can move between music genres or combine them and be engaging every time.

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