Adena Atkins

Atkins' compositions don't utilize traditional structure, instead swaying in and out like existential poems. Her songs may be struggling to find their niche and emotionally connect with a wide audience. A richly crafted song like Glass falls short of having a profound impact, despite lyrics like "but inside the waiting i'm liquid i'm gushing, remembering the length of our bodies entwined." Her songs as a whole lack the sense of grandeur that the lyrics suggest they deserve.

Atkins' gorgeous voice straddles a line somewhere between Alanis Morrisette and Amy Lee of Evanescence. It goes down smooth and her connection with her lyrics is obvious. Her creative vision is clear and the talent is there. The disconnect for me comes between her and collaborator Jay Pinto, whose production has yet to tap into the full potential of Atkins talent with his simple ethereal compositions.

That being said, I'd keep a close eye on Adena Atkins. I have a feeling that although she hasn't quite settled into her groove, she will be a force to be reckoned with when she does.

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