Swell Daze

The lead singer, (McCoy Douglasson), sounds as if he’s singing below his range, in songs such as Move and Lost Your Head. While he's perhaps attempting to sound dark and heavy, it makes for rough register changes. When he sings together with the band in a slightly higher key it seems more within his natural range.

Although they do not use much harmonization, when the band sings together their voices mix well and produce an integrated sound. One of the band's originals that stands out as unique and especially well composed is Miss Understanding, which shows a softer side softer side and makes it stand out among the more intense pieces.

Swell Daze has a good understanding of where the modern rock market is, and hits the sweet spot enough to make them commercially viable. While at times their music sounds slightly too similar to their primary influences – Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers - they're a young band, all members are still in High School, and will likely begin to develop more of their own sound as they write and play more original songs.


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