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Fear Is Dead

Lyricist and lead vocalist Skila pulls no punches, whether it's a resounding chorus of "Take this job and shove it" in Labor Pains or a purposely dulled chanting in I'm Slow, he serves it up exactly how it is. With hip-hop producing and lyricist roots, he has an innately honest quality, whether it's raw anger or a hopeful message of growing as a person.

The other founding member, Jacqueline "Jax" Burns knows what she's doing, whether it's with a guitar or a bass. Add in drummer Moreno Brown, and they have a winning combination. The gritty Undead shows off exactly how well they all do together, with interesting drums and guitar, along with poignant vocals that show off their modern metal side.

A refreshingly new and somehow still retro style, Fear is Dead still have a rough spot in a song or two, but they are definitely a band to watch. Their message rings clear about standing up for what you believe in and not compromising. As their own lyrics say in Basement Penthouse, they're only going up.

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