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Midnight Empire

The members of this band are still relatively young, but it doesn't show in their attempt. These guys are ambitious and talented, a combination that generally produces an album of quality. Frontman and lead singer Jacob Henderson has a gritty, though melodic, voice that fully encapsulates the essence of the music they play. On the band's single Misery Henderson's voice reaches level of soaring rock falsetto reminiscent of AC/DC's Brian Henson. The music itself is infused with personal lyrics that bring forth an array of emotions. In the forefront of this emotional barrage is the primal desire to thrash around, to rage like a wild animal. There is also something very sexy about the distortion on the guitars at the beginning of Can't Get Enough, and when the drums kick in you'll want to dance with reckless abandon. Fans of more contemporary rock like The Black Keys would benefit greatly from giving this group a listen, as well as those who hold a fondness for the classic groups mentioned already. So if you're looking to have your face rocked off, even if just a little bit, check out Midnight Empire and rage on.

Adena Atkins

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