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Cheating Daylight

Lead vocalist Kyle Crosson has a radio-friendly voice that sounds accessible but noteworthy at the same time. The music almost evokes a late 90's, early millennium feel when grunge was on its way out and music was starting to become re-energized. The songs are contagious and the sing along lyrics like "You can try to bring me down, and I'll be smiling all the way/You can't stop me now/You can throw me to the ground and I'll keep on anyway" will keep fans singing along to the band's hopeful message.

The romance of the music is atypical in today's alternative rock bands, which makes Cheating Daylight stand out. For fans that like it loud but also love a little sweetness in their lyrics, but with a more rocking sound, Cheating Daylight will hit the right notes. It's not political, it's not offensive, and it's not overtly serious; it's thoughtful lyrics backed up by music that sounds honest, raw, and real.

"All We Know" is a record that includes stellar styling from five talented young guys, and real lyrics that don't skimp on emotion. The range of talent and lyrics in the group is rare and refreshing from musicians so young. Cheating Daylight is like an amazing hit of something uniquely different and totally contagious to sing along to, and the guys can really play, too. The music is modern, without compromising on feeling. Cheating Daylight's take on rock is a head-bobbing, sing-along, melody driven yet simple and easy to understand guide to what it's like to be a teenager in today's world.

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