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Corrin Campbell and the Election

Campbell has a fantastic voice that's put to a wide range of uses. Virtually every song from the duo sounds different, thanks to Campbell's willingness to try out different vocal styles: flirty bubble pop one song, throat-tearing rock in another, then piano crooning for the trifecta. Like Lady Gaga, she doesn't want people to mistake her talent for production trickery.

She also proudly proclaims her music to be free of autotuning, a rarity these days.

As for the pair's songwriting, throw 70s Grrrl Power, Progressive, 80s Anthem Rock, and 90s Alterno in a blender. The basic sound is refreshingly stripped back – being, at heart, pure garage rock – and yet borrows ideas from more overproduced styles. The two swap off roles and instruments smoothly, and the result is a little band with a big sound.

Corrin Campbell and The Election may be onto something here. Give them a producer with access to better technology, and their diamond in the rough could be polished up quickly. Because great female-fronted rock acts don't come along too often, and we should take notice when a great one appears.

Sundew at Art Central, Hong Kong

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