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The Upset Victory Kickstarts an album

The band wants fans to join them in funding their album: UPDATE: Funding was successful, so congratulations to TUV. Looking forward to the album! _editor 

Cincinnati indie Rock Band The Upset Victory, has seven singles and EPs, and a lot of loyal fans. Now they're attempting to crowd-fund an album through Kickstarter.

The band's single Fake This was honored as Homegrown Hits’ New Year’s Song 2015.

“We think it is awesome to let our supporters be part of a self-made 'record label' and we are offering rewards to thank our backers for their support. The bigger the pledge, the bigger the reward for our supporters. We have created some fun and unique ways to say thank you from a free, pre-release of the album to an autographed guitar to being included on the production credits on the album” says the band's guitarist and spokesman, Stephen Campbell.

Major acts have used Kickstarter, including superstars TLC who are currently trying to raise $150K for their new album. The Upset Victory has the somewhat more modest goal of raising $16.5K by February 15, 2015. Kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition- reach the goal and the project gets funded… don't and it's bupkis.

“We are asking our supporters to join us and be a part of the Upset Victory’s first full-length album”. Literally. Orlando’s Starlight Studios is the planned location of the work and, if you pledge $1,000 you can go there and stick your own vocals in the background.

Other rewards are equally cool, starting at just $5, so have a look and see if there's anything you desire.

Producer Brock BerryHill and engineer Evan Coffman, previously credited on the band's Wall Street EP, will likely be tapped for the new album as well. According to the band this duo captured The Upset Victory "at their absolute cleanest and tightest moments, without losing the gritty rock edge fans have come to love".

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