Ghost of Grey Squirrel

Ghost of Grey Squirrel is a three song EP by award winning singer-songwriter Eric Michael Jones. The songs deal with the fragility of life and the possibility of redemption, and even reincarnation, seen through the eyes of an agnostic.

"I was considering the squirrels living on my property" says Jones of the title, "and how they are decendents of millions of generations of squirrels that lived in the same area. Their lives created the soil that grew the trees where the new squirrels live. The trees are alive and producing nuts, so these guys are literally supported and nourished by their ancestors; it's a metaphor for everlasting life".

The first song, 'Catfish Road' is about a guy who realizes his life could be over in in the blink of an eye, without making any lasting impression on the world. The next song is appropriately titled 'Take Your Life Seriously'. It's a somewhat goofy song about trying to do something meaningful within your limited lifespan.
The foreboding final song is called 'The Painful End'. "I set to thinking about the phrases we embrace like 'at least he didn't suffer' or 'she went peacefully'. We calm our own fears by convincing ourselves of a possibility of no pain. But in reality there is always pain, whether it's brief or long, physical or mental, or the pain felt by those left behind".

As the squirrel in the tree can attest, Winter is always followed by Spring. A squirrel who dies during winter has hidden nuts for the next generation to find; nuts grown from his ancestor's bones.

Ghost of Grey Squirrel is being offered as free download by Studioli Music. Or listen through Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, or your favorite streaming service.

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