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Weekend Recovery
Tom Pendergast
Brendan Lewes

Time Stands Still is basically a nostalgic look back to my home town, looking back on how things have changed, whilst at the same time seemingly stayed the same. Always with the conclusion, time only stands still as a memory once it has passed by. Although coincidentally released during the Corona Pandemic, that same message seems to fit to this year, which has flown by, yet at the same time, feels like a lifetime since the beginning of the crisis.

The song is the first single of my upcoming album, Ten Songs Sung From The End, and was released after a two week tour, where I left the car at home and Cycled 350 km in 14 days, playing 10 Garden Concerts along the way.

The Beckleys
Sam Eagle
Black Bear Kiss
Echo Strike
The Calls
The Den
Tessa Ying
Third Lung
Monday's Mona Lisa
Crossfire Eagles
Solar Parachute
The Receivers
Positive Nostalgia Facility
Mad Haven
Tiger Mimic
Tom Pendergast
Tape, Rewind, Repeat
Lee Bailey
Helena Kate

Kristen Ford

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