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Guns of Nevada

Hard to Wave Goodbye in Handcuffs is your typical, twisted love-gone-wrong song. It's a simple story of domestic bliss that inevitably results in handcuffs and regret (and all to a happy little melody!). It was one of the first songs we wrote and recorded and is still one of our best known and most played songs. It garnered even more attention in the Summer of 2009 when CMT decided to use it and another one of our songs for the soundtrack for their TV reality show, "The Chopper Challenge". Since then it's been played numerous times on terrestrial and online radio and podcasts. It was even used in the independent film, "A First Time for Everything".
Master Potter Clayton Amemiya

Hawaiian ceramicist collaborates with nature ...

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Vikings Sail Again

The ship is a recreation of what the Vikings would call a ”Great Ship”...

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